A huge answer-unity is behind you! There’s no reason to feel alone with your unanswered questions. Rest assured, somebody else in the world has already had a similar problem. Be inspired by the Amicido community, where everyone should feel appreciated and safe.
Treat others the way you wish to be treated – with respect, empathy, and honesty.

Always be curious and passionately interested


Questions can do so much more than make up for a lack of knowledge. They also help you with communicating. Challenge certain aspects to get your point across. Ask about alternatives, about decisions, compare, or simply ask open questions: Who, what, when, where, why and how?

Answering gives clarity!


Behind every answer there is a clear choice. It helps you to establish your position. Support the community with your know-how. Change your mindset and solve problems with new techniques. You can vote, reserve, rate, schedule or formulate your answers personally. Help with decision-making by bridging knowledge gaps.

Show yourself from your best side to get what you want

Your Profile

Show yourself from your finest side and tailor your personal settings precisely to your tastes.

Evaluate and answer questions without prejudice


Broaden your horizons and your point of view will evolve. Be attentive and take the needs of your community into consideration. Acknowledge the needs of individual members and stand up for them. Seek professional advice if you think that someone is in urgent need of help.

Discover more about things that appeal to you


Ask questions specifically in your groups of interest, or follow thought-provoking questions on the QBoard. “Click” with members of the community who are passionate about the same things.

Ask yourself into the minds of the community


Find out how others solve problems, or what they think of your opinion to gain clarity about yourself.

Gain knowledge and find solutions


Questions often require a clear and rapid decision. Ask your questions in a certain way due to your urge to comprehend something. Use the opportunities of the different question variants to get a clear evaluation.

Asking questions makes you likeable


Ask enlightened questions and show that you are interested in your counterpart. Try to ask clear questions. These are the ones that can’t be answered with a simple “yes” or “no”. Feel free to ask the community to converse more about a specific topic and give them the opportunity to respond individually.

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