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Jump into the next dimension of social interaction

We will make Amicido one of the leading communities for qualified and intelligent interaction. We help to define and impact how communication evolves, by setting new standards for efficiency and comfort. Our focus lies on decision-making, knowledge acquisition and honest feedback.

That is our vision and that’s what we are working on.

Use it to enhance your abilities in interacting with friends and colleagues, at school, family, business & leisure

A huge answerunity is behind you!

Don’t feel alone with your questions.
Be sure – somebody in the world has already had a similar problem. Use the power of the Amicido Community.

Unlimited ways to find new friends

Sometimes you need feedback from more than your trustful buddies. Expand your circle of advisers

"I like to help others and others help me"

Imagine, your knowledge helps someone in the world to find a solution?!
Or – you get help with a completely unconventional advice? Everyone can learn from each other.

Win knowledge and find solutions

Questions often require a quick clarification. Find new ways to start surveys and get a consolidated and clear evaluation.

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