About us

The idea behind Amicido’s is to create a distinctive questioning platform to change the culture of question-asking. We are connecting people globally who are hungry for knowledge and who enjoy providing answers or asking intriguing questions.

Our Vision

Social interaction through advice and understanding

Amicido desires to build a community in which we create the opportunity to receive information and to respond more efficiently. By setting a new standard for question-asking and answering, we want to enable people to exchange ideas and knowledge. As well as to support each other. Amicido should be a place for interaction and communication where everyone feels welcome and is invited to open up and support each other.

Our Mission

Creating the App for Knowledge, Advice and Fun

For this purpose, we have developed a question-and-answer app, which functionally covers all possibilities of asking questions with our 8 individual question types. An intelligent question set-up with the intent of receiving meaningful results and swift solutions.

We welcome everyone with all interests to network together within our community – to educate, entertain, or just have fun.

Try it now and download Amicido in the app stores. Become part of our remarkable community.

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